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Our freelance services offer you our roster of talented and qualified individuals to either complete a specific service or to complete your own team during a project. Often you will not require a full production team which is why we have freelancers available for hire. We’ve either directly trained or worked with these individuals and so highly endorse them. Please specify relevant details of your requirements in your quick quote. You may also wish to supplement your own video production project with us with one of the following freelance services that we may not have included in the original quote, please get in touch to include them as a bolt on so we can offer your a fantastic rate. All of our main services are listed below. 

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Freelance Services – PreProduction and Development

Script Writer 

A Script Writer will take a given concept for your production, develop the idea and work with you to produce an outstanding piece of copy.

Script Analyst

The Script Analyst will not only proof read your script and ensure the formatting is correct, they will also inject their own ideas and visions into it to offer you a stronger perspective where possible.

Storyboard Artist

Our talented Storyboard Artist will take your script and shot lists and depict them in beautifully vivid black and white sketches to bring your concepts and vision to life.

Production Assistant

Production Assistants are vital in any productions in assisting the Production Team. Our Production Assistants are capable of supporting your admin flow, producing basic budgets and schedules, sourcing and researching for resources, locations and people, completing location recces and risk assessments and generally being available where required.

Freelance Services – Production


Occasionally you will have everything but the main visionary of your project. Our Director will begin with developing and ensuring your ideas are clear and powerful and then blend this into the production with your established crew through strong communication and administrative organisation. Our Director will also continue into post-production if required to ensure your end vision is produced at the highest standard possible.

Production Manager

Any production runs smoother when a Production Manager is on set. Our Production Managers begin with the administration and organisation of shoots ensuring that the day of the shoot runs smoothly and successfully with a keen attention to budget and time.

Senior Camera Operator without equipment

Our Senior Camera Operators have a great deal of experience and are continuing learning themselves making them an asset to any production. Should you already have the camera, glass and set up yet just require the man power to set it up and run it – this option is for you.

Senior Camera Operator with equipment Please request which camera is required

As above, this option offers the arrangement of the camera hire also which will come at a premium as we will be insuring the equipment on your behalf along with our operator. Please get in contact informing us of the equipment you require.

Junior Camera Operator with Sony PMW-EX3

Our Junior Camera Operators are fully trained and prepared for your shoot, equipment with a Sony PMW-EX3 set up, 7 hours of battery life and the equivalent in memory cards.

Junior Camera Operator with DSLR

Smaller budget yet still need something filmed at a good quality? Have no fear, we can offer you one of our Junior Camera Operators equipped with a DSLR set up for your shooting requirements.

Senior Photographer with camera

Higher end product photography, fashion pieces or editorial maybe? Our Senior Photographers not only have the experience and skill, they also have the equipment to produce amazing quality moments with stories.

Junior Photographer with camera

Whether you require a simple photoshoot or some behind the scenes documentary style coverage, our Junior Photographers are ready and prepared to capture the essence of what you require.

Boom Operator with basic equipment

Equipment with a 5m boom, 10m XLR lead, headphones and a Rode uni-directional microphone, our Boom Operators have an astute attention to their environments ensuring that the best possible sound recording is achieved.


Your jack of all trades, our runners are enthusiastic, adapt quickly to new environments and are keen to lend a helping hand as they learn from each new experience.

Freelance Services – Post Production

Editor in Adobe Premier CC with station

Our Editors are professional, efficient and well organised with their own unique creative flares. This option is for sending in materials to be edited on our site.

Editor in Adobe Premier CC without station

As above, this option is for Editors which we will send to work on your location. You must therefore provide the relevant suitable equipment and software.

Animator in Adobe After Effects CC with station

From kinetic typography to low-level special effects, if you require some magic within your production we can help you out. Send through the details of your requirements within your quick quote request. This option is for sending in materials to be edited on our site.

Animator in Adobe After Effects CC without station

Coming soon.

Graphic Designer in Adobe Photoshop CC with station

Also with access to InDesign CC, our graphic designers are able to produce logos, templates, video based graphics and other visual requirements often needed in projects. Send through the details of your requirements within your quick quote request. This option is for sending in materials to be edited on our site.

Graphic Designer in Adobe Photoshop CC without station

Coming soon.

Sound Engineer in Adobe Audition CC with station

Sound doesn’t end on the production set, it often requires cleaning and balancing to ensure your video sounds as good as it looks. Our Sound Engineer also has access to Logic, CueBase and ProTools. This option is for sending in materials to be edited on our site.

Sound Engineer in Adobe Audition CC without station

Coming soon.

Please contact us for the various Freelance Rates

Terms and Conditions apply. A day is considered 7.5 hours with an hours break in between. All accounts are issued with a Service Level Agreement, you must abide by our Freelancer Payment Policy for our freelance services and you will be required to show proof of insurance for your given project where required.
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