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You may require additional services to the project that we quote for you. As long as you have an open account with us or are requesting a quote for a full project you may also access these bonus services at exclusive prices to our existing Collaborators. We ensure, through our additional services, that we may offer you as complete a service as possible. Please specify relevant details of your requirements in your quote.

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Additional Services for Raw Footage

Rushes** (online transfer up to 30GB)

Even though we safely store all of your projects materials in our archive for a minimum of five years, you may wish to hold a copy of the rushes yourself. This service allows for small projects to be sent online via transfer for your records.

Rushes** (on your external HD or USB for projects larger than 30GB)

As above, we will arrange the collection and dropping off of your external hard drive or USB storage device (within the London M25 orbital) and copy your rushes onto your hard drive for your own records.

Rushes** (on a purchased external HD or USB for projects larger than 30GB)

With this option, we will purchase and provide an external storage device for you, transfer the rushes and then send to your location via a registered courier or business post. This option works specifically well for those Collaborators who are based outside of London.

**excludes full copyright ownership where applicable. Please see your Service Level Agreement and Terms and Conditions for more details.

Additional Services in Development and PreProduction

Concept Development

Need some assistance igniting the creative spark? You know you need video as part of your marketing campaign yet maybe you don’t have the time to brainstorm ideas and make suggestions to approach a company with. Let us solve this problem for you by doing the initial leg work and getting those cogs moving in the machine. This service includes research into you, your brand and/or service and no less than three strong ideas for your intended video.

Script Development

Development of your script is essential prior to production, after all if you fail to plan, you plan for fail. Our Script Development service proofs your existing script for formatting, grammar and punctuation if you have a script prepared. Otherwise we develop your initial concept and strengthen your ideas for your story and produce the draft script ready for your production.

Storyboard Artist

So you have your concept and are happy with your script but now want to visualise your ideas before your begin production? Our talented Storyboard Artist will take your script and shot lists and depict them in beautifully vivid black and white sketches to bring your concepts and vision to life.

Additional Services in Production

Additional Cameraman with a Sony PMW EX3

Having a second camera angle not only speeds up production but also offers the dynamic opportunity to capture live action from more than one perspective or for our team to be in more than one place at a time.

BTS Photographer with camera

Would you like to include behind the scenes documentary style coverage of your production? Whether a commercial or a short film, music video or promovideo, it is often a great way to have material for your social media and marketing avenues. Our Junior photographer will roam in the background capturing the essence of the journey. Please see Post Production below if you require these images presented as well.

BTS Videographer with camera

Would you like to include behind the scenes documentary style coverage of your production visually represented? Then you have to include our BTS Junior Videographer. Our Junior Videographer will roam in the background capturing the essence of the journey and will capture soundbites throughout the project. Please see Post Production below if you require this material edited as well.

Portable Green Screen inc. transport and set up

If you don’t have a suitable location for your filming or require something slightly different, we can offer your our Portable Green Screen which allows us to replace the background with another image. This service includes set up of the green screen and relevant lighting.

Additional Services in Post Production

Additional Pass (review period in your edit)

Exceeded the amount of passes you’ve purchased in your original quote? No problem, you can gain extra passes for further editing and changes to your video with this service. Please include how many passes you are ordering in your Quick Quote application.

Additional Exports (other file types)

In your original quote we offered you a standard universal file type for your videos delivery. Should you require another file type or you require us to change the size of the original file (generally by changing the bitrate) please order this service specifying what you require in your Quick Quote.

English Voice Over

A voice over is a great way of adding your narrative to your video assisting your audience to understand the message you are conveying. We work closely with a number of trusted voice over artists who deliver quality results. This service is for an English voice over only – please request a sample to ensure you are happy with the accent provided. Male and female voice over artists available.

Subtitles (English)

We are understanding the importance of being able to reach wider audiences as a crucial part of our marketing and communications. This service provides either English subtitles on your existing video or a seperate subtitled video so that you may be able to communicate with a wider audience.

Translations (subtitled) Please seek a quote for your language

If you require to reach a larger audience and cross language barriers, we may be able to help by offering subtitled translations of your English video in your desired language. Please contact us with your request.

Animated Logo (5-10 seconds)

We naturally use your branding within your videos, however if you require something a little more aesthetically pleasing, we can produce an animated ident for you which may sit at the beginning of your video (and any other video you make) and include appropriately licensed music. Click on the Quick Quote link at the top of this page with your request.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic Typography is a term used to describe animated or moving words on screen. Whether you are seeking a whole video with this, or to layer some kinetic typography over a live action video, we can help you.

Promotional Pictures (edited) 

If you ordered our BTS Photographer (above) we can also digitally enhance a selection of your images for your marketing and social media platforms. We focus on batches of 10 so you may order more than once.

15 Second Teaser Clip (edit)

If you project requires shorter versions of the main substance of the video, we can produce and provide shorter teaser clips to grab peoples attention. These are great for social media platforms.

1 Minute Teaser Clip (edit)

Whether a trailer or an advert for your longer project (ideal for online shows and longer projects as well as short films) the 1 Minute Teaser provides you with more content to advertise and attract your audience, edited from your original project with us.

BTS Video (edit) please request a quote

If your ordered our BTS Videographer (above) we can also take the footage and edit it into something you can present whether internally or externally. Please contact us for a quote regarding this service as it is dependent on how much footage was obtained and the duration of the BTS video you require.

Music Cue Sheet

A Music Cue Sheet records specifically the music and its details, where it was used, how it was used and information on royalties where appropriate.

PDF Portfolio (presented)

Should you want all the information and documents we produce for your project, neatly organised and presented in a .PDF format, this is the service for you. Please get in contact for more details.

Additional Services – Short Film Bonus Material

Authored DVD (without menu)

Having a short film is great, presenting it on a DVD is the second quickest way to distribute it to festivals, cast and crew, friends and family. This service will author a single MASTER DVD without a menu on a blank DVD (no print design) for you to then use to make your own copies. This DVD plays without a menu.

Authored DVD (with menu)

As above, we will also include a menu that appears on screen with options and should certainly be used if you wish to include several videos on the same DVD. This service also includes the designs and may require additional materials to produce this.

DVD Artwork (single sided sleeve and disc)

Whether you’ve ordered the DVD authoring through us or have made one yourself, nothing presents your film better than having it presented as a finished article. This service produces the artwork for printing for both the DVD and a single sided cover. This service does not include duplications – see below.

Film Poster

If you’re going to go all the way and really market your film, you have to get a poster/banner made as well. We can design and provide the concepts for your posters delivery.

Directors Commentary

Now we are getting into the serious bonus materials, if you require that extra level of content for your DVD and for your memories, why not include a Directors commentary? We will record the voice over, layer it over your short film and provide this as an additional video. Often the Director may wish to sit with the Producer, a lead actor or another key player in the films production.

Screen Tests

If you’ve involved us from the outset of your project, we have no doubt been present during your casting and filmed the actors who now appear in your short film. This service produces a short video clip of all of the screen tests from the actors who were successful and made the film.

Screen Play and Storyboard

Yes! We will scan in all of your storyboards and screenplay and page by page animate the original documents on screen with the soundtrack and actual sound from your short film. This option is for the serious film enthusiast.

Official Soundtrack authored to CD)

If you had an amazing sound track within your film, why not create an Official Soundtrack as well, we can create an audio CD for your short film to accompany all of the other bonus materials.

Additional Services in Distribution

DVD duplication (spindle or clear plastic wallet)

We work closely with a great partner who provides high quality DVD duplications. This option will produce your short film or video onto 50 DVD and will be inclusive of printing on the surface of the DVD (given you have a design) and will be delivered on a spindle or in clear plastic wallets.

DVD duplication (in cases)

As above, this option produces each DVD in its own plastic case with a printed sleeve with your design on it, the pinnacle of the solid end product, great for distribution to festivals and serious individuals as well as a keepsake.

Set Up A YouTube Channel

We acknowledge that some of you are just starting out in video marketing and have yet even began thinking about the distribution of your video. Let us help you get started by setting you up with a YouTube account for your first videos.

Video YouTube Optimisation

If you understand YouTube you will know there it is more than just uploading your video to this platform to impress your audience and help them find you. With this service we will produce from your completed project a YouTube Thumbnail, Description and Metatags for you to input into the relevant sections as well as advising you of a few other tricks you can use to get the most out of this platform.

Please contact us for rates

Terms and Conditions apply. Additional Services are for existing Collaborators only with an open account or for prospective Collaborators as bolt ons to their main project. A day is considered 7.5 hours with an hours break in between. Where applicable prices are London based within the M25 orbital. All accounts are issued with a Service Level Agreement and you must abide by our Payment Policy.
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