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tariqLate one night in May 2016…

At 12 midnight on a cool spring night, the Methodworks team began their journey to the Southall location of the Tariq Halal stores. Following more than eight weeks of preparation and pre-production – production was officially beginning on their first commercial. We’d gone through many concepts and ideas, developed scripts and storyboards, completed recces for the best location, sourced a bespoke team, casted for actors, prepared their wardrobe and makeup, arranged the logistics and catering – and finally we were going live. Arguably the most exciting time in video production is actually getting on set and creating the concept after months of theory and planning. 


The store was filled to the brim with fresh and frozen meats, the production vehicles were set up, our actors began arriving, and at 2am the show began.

Right > One of the first scenes we began filming at around 5am following set-up and rehearsals. 


Halal Butcher of the Year 2015 – Tariq Halal

Tariq Halal is one of, if not the leading Halal butchers in London and the UK. With outlets across North, South, East and West London and growing evermore by the day, they are a fast growing family company with a pride for quality not just in their product but with their whole service. Their outlets are incredible and immaculate in design and presentation as no expense is spared.

Below > just one example of their counter displays, here we see the wide variety of marinated meats. 


The Commercial

In their first commercial, we follow a young man introducing his mother to Tariq Halal for the first time. He is full of eagerness and enthusiasm as he is shocked his mother (a very traditional lady who had  been going to the same butchers her whole life) hadn’t even heard of them. Arriving in store, he describes the vast range of what is on offer as his mother looks in awe at the beautifully laid out presentations. He then urges his mother to try their marinated baby chicken, when a server pulls one of the marinated baby chickens out of the display. Our lead character smiles thinking it is for his mother when the server politely states he won’t be a moment as he then takes the packaged meat to another customer. The son then looks away towards the customer, who clearly has good taste, when he see’s a beautiful young lady who catches his eye. Where the story goes from there you will hopefully see in further commercials in the series.

Below > our lead character and his mother enter the store. 


Watch the commercial below;

Why not visit your local Tariq Halal outlet to see for yourself; with stores based in Fulham, Leyton, Hounslow, Streatham, Southall, Croydon and Wembley.

Visit their website – http://www.tariqhalalmeats.com/

Social media;

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/tariqhalalmeats/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/tariqhalal @TariqHalal

Instagram – tariqhalal

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