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Music and video are superbly complimentary to one another. So much so that no artist, group or track is complete without music videos and accompanying promotional materials. Digital visual content from music videos to EPKs (electronic press kits), lyric videos to interviews and live coverage are all part of the package for your fans. Whatever your status and wherever you are in your career, your visual presence has become as important as your the music you produce. View our showreel below, video services and offers and if you require something a little more special, send us a message. Whatever you require, complete our quote form and we’ll let you know what we can offer you.





Music Videos – Products & Services

All of the visual communications we offer take into consideration your branding and identity, how you will use, distribute and present the video and who your audience is. We want you to be proud of your music videos and promotional materials. We work hard to ensure your visions and expectations are clear. Click below for further descriptions.

Music Videos

Give your fans what they want, a piece of you with your music. Entertain them with your performance, presence and ideas. Leave something behind that documents your progress through your career. Let’s visualise your music together. Please contact us for quote.

Electronic Press Kits

Whether you’re starting out or you’re stepping up, a well presented electronic press kit grabs the attention of those who matter. A combination of your material, archive footage, interviews and photo shoots the EPK is your brief showcase to your market. 

Album and Single Adverts

If you have something you’re pushing, you have to advertise it to make people aware of what you’ve got. Tease them with a short yet affective advert whether for a whole album or a newly released single. 

Live Coverage

Not everyone can attend your live performances, that doesn’t mean they should miss it. Your fans are no longer in one locality, they span the globe, so ensure you cover all angles when thinking about your marketing and get that live video coverage of your performances for all to see and relive over and over again. 


Deep into your plans? Got your music videos, live performances, interviews and photo shoots on lock? Maybe it’s time you think about that bigger content for your fans, let us help you construct and develop and short or feature length documentary on your career. Please contact us for quote.


Fans require more than just your music in this socially interactive day and age, they want to know you. With the surge of reality television shows a strong interview about your rise, your career progress, something you’re working on or simply something you believe in, leave a trail of material your fans can access and share. 

Behind The Scenes

Your hard-core fans love bonus material. Such material can also be used later in EPKs and documentary’s, whether behind the scenes of your photo shoot, music video, your tour, your studio session recording your tracks, get into the habit of recording everything and do it with us. 


Should you require press shots, album cover material or simply photography for your social media promotions, we can also arrange your photo shoots. Seeking more concept based creative and artistic presentations, get in touch.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Need a video with several of the above? We can produce almost any kind of video for your needs, please get in contact with your requirements:

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