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The beginning of something different…

So you’re hungry, aren’t we all! You want something tasty yet you’re fed up with the processed packaged stuff and are looking for something quick and simple, fresh and tasty without the fuss, that makes your stomach (as well as your pocket) fall in love with simple cooking again. The now C.E.O. of Tariq Halal Meats saw a massive gap in the market space. He kept noticing recipe videos on his social media feeds and quickly realised, it would be a perfect way to engage with his customers.


Producing season 1… 

Very quick and simple 60 second videos to showcase a recipe of what can be done with the meats, spices and produce offered in the Tariq Halal high street stores, so he gave Methodworks Production a call straight away and we began our first season of videos! We very ambitiously started with filming 10 recipes all in one day, trying each recipe out as we went along. This was a new form of filming for us, using specialist equipment to film that birdseye view, top down experience social media users have now become very accustomed to. We can not only vouch for the quick and easy cooking methods, we also commend the flavours and simplicity of each meal idea. When you come home late at night or after a long and hard days work, all you want to do is reward yourself with something delightful. Here we have some great answers for you!


What recipes we have in store…

Tariq Halal Recipes in Season 1 include Lamb Kebab Roll, Lamb Kebab Shawarma and Lamb Kebab Curry, Potato Cutlet Wraps, Classic Gourmet Beef Burger and a Lebanese Spiced Baby Chicken, Spiced Camel Striploin (yes that’s right, halal camel meat!!!), T-Bone Steak, Tandoori Lamb Chops and Chicken Tikka Masala. So before you get to writing your shopping list this week, have a peak at the videos (all time coded in the description box for your convenience (click here >>>  YouTube).



Success of the videos…


At the moment of publishing this blog, the first season of recipe videos had already received over 125,000 views, dominating on Facebook but also via other social media outlets. On the success of season 1 and the increase in overall sales, we have already began development of Tariq Halal Recipe Videos Season 2 creating the likes of great snacks and using more less known meats such as venison and poussin! Watch this space!


Shop today…


Find your local Tariq Halal store today, produce sold in Croydon, Fulham, Hounslow, Leyton, Streatham, Southall, Wembley and soon opening in Tooting (2017).


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