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Over the course of life, many journeys are undertaken, many require a course, and others naturally flow. As such the choosing of a vocation is one of life’s greatest decisions which leads to many adventures, and so the term Traveller was born for our crew members. A Traveller is the name given to any number of individuals who have chosen to engage with Methodworks way of life, its beliefs, its values, its ethos and its philosophy. They are unique individuals who on their own merit bring a very specific gift to the creative family, themselves.

Along with the creative family, a network of Travellers within their own right, all are on a journey of the same or very similar nature. Together, we have chosen the same path. The creative family is a collective term used to describe a number of Travellers or the crew.

Therefore the first journey you will undertake is the Induction Journey. Beginning with your basic information, requirements and what you have acquired whether through experience or with regards to equipment, which is what this application is all about.

We then hold a preliminary interview to ensure we are on the same course and that our collaboration will benefit us both. You will then begin the process of learning the Method, which will culminate in a simple multi choice test. We then ensure your journey is a successful and prosperous one with regular progress reviews throughout each year you continue travelling with us. So you’re interested in coming with us and being part of our crew?

Enter your information in the below fields. This information in the crew application form is used to create an initial profile of you and your suitability for a given project. It is essential all information provided is accurate and true. All information provided is secured by the Data Use Policy. Methodworks Production are based in London.

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By completing one of the above crew application form, you are agreeing to permit us from time to time to use your contact information to contact you with general information and news from Methodworks and relevant promotional offers. You may opt out of this at any time by replying to the message  with ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

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