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Our Portfolio is testimony to how proud we are of our work and how we have evolved over the years as our methods got stronger. Our visions became more powerful and our Collaborators gained greater confidence in us providing us with bigger ideas, seeking greater quality and offering larger budgets so these visions could be fully realised. We’ve organised our portfolio into categories and have case studied some of our long standing Collaborators below. We’ve also included a selection of testimonials from our existing happy and satisfied Collaborators.



Methodworks is simply the best company I have ever worked with. They really do give a piece of themselves with their work.

Wanja Knighton –What To Wear

Methodworks are very efficient and highly organised in all aspects of the video production process, delivering prompt and high professional standard throughout. Excellent communication, always goes the extra mile, thoroughly recommended.

Carlina Flood – Siteset Digital

Very satisfied with their professionalism. Polite staff always willing to go above and beyond the duty, great product and quality work. Highly recommended.

Ather Abbas – Alliance Advertising and Marketing

Superb friendly customer service, highly professional team, unbeatable value, Methodworks care about and understand our brand and vision.

Alex Piris – SKALP

We approached Methodworks to film our global furniture concept WorkPlace eVolution on behalf of eBay and PayPal. Methodworks took the time to fully understand our needs and brief which they then walked us through the project step by step.

Harry Hale – Tsunami Axis

Methodworks really took our project to a whole other level, the result was very professional and the final product used on our clients Global websites. Fully recommend Methodworks for any film productions, their attention to detail was second to none.

Harry Hale – Tsunami Axis

Methodworks took on board our vision and produced a professional looking video that represents our company very well. They made the most of the footage and resources that we provided and since its completion, the video has proved itself to be a very effective marketing tool.

Steven Roberts – Regal Maritime Solutions

Fantastic work, and what great videos. Methodworks are so easy to talk to and have some amazing ideas and knows just how to translate it on to the video. Can’t wait to work with him again very soon.

Mario Garcia – PTTC The Training Company

I would totally recommend Methodworks, they worked very hard and professionally. They listened to everything that we wanted and delivered every time. They also gave lots of advice on how they could capture our event in ways that we wouldn’t of thought of. Most definitely value for money!

Karen Flint – New Direction Partnership

Methodworks Production are fabulous at making ‘spot on’ business promotional marketing videos. They communicate superbly, whether by face to face meetings, email or text message they always kept me updated very well during the progress of the project which was important to me.

Ambika Pindoria – Kip McGrath Barkingside

The final media piece was done to a high standard. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Methodworks delivering a high standard of video media. We will be using Methodworks again for video media advice and production. Highly recommended.

Ambika Pindoria – Kip McGrath Barkingside

Andy is an absolute pleasure to work with. He has a great attitude on set and is always more than willing to go the extra mile! I would not hesitate in recommending him and see him as part of our core freelance network of preferred suppliers.

Andy Tokkallos – Two Fresh Productions

Methodworks Production were amazing from start to finish. The way they presented themselves to our clients was extremely professional. Their customer service on behalf of Parch Hill was second to none. I would highly recommend Methodworks to everybody.

Oscar Ally – Parch Hill

Methodworks are simply brilliant! We asked Methodworks to visit our classes and capture exciting and engaging moments that best described our vision, ethos and USP. Methodworks did exactly this.

Luthuli Bobb – TotStars

Methodworks were able to set up in a room full of 25 toddlers in a safe and unassuming way. Most importantly for us, they were able to speak to our customers with regards to obtaining consent which allowed us to focus on running the classes. Perfect company and can’t wait to use again.

Luthuli Bobb – TotStars

Methodworks were highly creative and also practical in ensuring a successful shoot. The result was an excellent shoot which produced first class results with only a minimum of takes. Their patience and expertise ensured results which delivered far beyond initial expectation. Absolutely recommend.

Michelle Harris – Star Copywriting

Methodworks were willing to understand our business vision and were keen to promote UKguests’ to the very best of their ability. They were patient and willing to offer us advice on how best to promote our services. Andy, the Creative Director in particular, has been extremely supportive in many ways.

Mary Edwards – UK Guests

Methodworks are knowledgeable, reliable and the service they offer is second to none. Since the launch of the new UKguests video ‘Rudy’s story’, we have received positive comments about our video worldwide. UKguests view Methodworks as part of our extended team.

Mary Edwards – UK Guests

Andy is passionate about Methodworks and brings fresh ideas, real, sincere professionalism and enthusiasm to the table: He ‘gets it’. He interpreted the vision I have for my service and I was safe in the knowledge that despite not knowing correct production terms, Methodworks could deliver; and they did.

Alison Thomas – Chingford Tuition Centre

Andy patiently managed us on the day of filming and was very receptive to the fact that tutors were working with students at the time. I would recommend Methodworks to any business wanting to add another dimension to their website and work with real professionals.

Alison Thomas – Chingford Tuition Centre

Methodworks were incredibly professional and highly creative; they went that extra mile to make sure I ended up with a product that was exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend Methodworks to anyone who is thinking of using video in any context.

Kathy Ennis –Your Brand Is You

Andy introduced me to the Methodworks concept of complete video production. Methodworks took the headache of planning and executing our videos away but allowed us to have input and creative control over the production of each interview. They worked with us to deliver the concept we wanted and that our audience embraced.

Andy Boyle – eScouter

Methodworks produced some excellent videos that set us apart in the market and crucially they made the production process effortless, They made the subject feel at ease and supported, they did not infringe on the subjects personal space and created a relaxed and productive environment.

Andy Boyle – eScouter

Andrew and his Methodworks team have been a pleasure to work with. Extremely reliable and efficient, they make what should be a stressful day practical, but fun. I also find that their organisation skills, planning, and being realistic with the situations on hand ensures there are no hidden surprises. Definitely recommended.

Sheridan Wynter – The New Blue

Methodworks created our launch video which took place back in 2009 in Mayfair . Our launch video was and still is very beneficial to our brand, giving perspective clients a great feel for what we do, also spreading awareness of the brand online.

Karen Karmody – Karen Karmody Label

Methodworks are exceptional in bringing small ideas to fruition on a mass scale. The organisation, details, development, planning in pre-production to post have been efficiently beneficial to our growing brand. Phenomenally skilled in all areas of production and consistently professional.

Karen Nyame – The StirBox

Our video was just what we wanted. Moreover the team at Methodworks were a real pleasure to work with, very professional and very focused on delivering just what the client wants at a very competitive price.

Dave Mitchell – Mitchell and Johnson

Methodworks professionalism and high standards have continually impressed us. Their ability to listen carefully to what we want, combined with having the expertise and experience to lead the process has always left us extremely happy with the end result. Excellent work and an excellent team.

Ben Geodjenian – KungFuture

I value Methodworks creative opinion and like to involve them in the entire production process – from idea to execution. I can always trust that my production will be dealt with in a very professional manner and delivered to a high standard. They’re truly passionate about their work and it shows through their knowledge, enthusiasm and warm spirits.

Joelah Noble – EGOISM

Andrew, the creator of Methodworks, is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he extremely professional and efficient, he also has great vision and is an inspiring person all round. Working with Methodworks would be an asset to any fledgling company or in fact an established one wanting to spread awareness.

Karen Karmody – Karen Kamordy Label

Methodworks are a professional and affordable video production company with high production values. In an industry that is becoming saturated with substandard work, here is a company you can trust.

Nigel Clarke – Milks Gone Bad

The whole process of making the video was very easy. I was able to speak from my heart about putting the care back into caring in respect to the business I am passionate about. We have had a lot of positive feedback from the result.

Veronia Joseph-Abrigo

Methodworks provides a level of service that far exceeds our expectations. To say that Methodworks was integral to our magazine is an understatement, they were our partners in every sense of the word, a key element of our production. I can fully endorse MethodWorks and cannot commend them enough for their professionalism and creative input.

Andy Boyle – eScouter

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Commercial Portfolio

This section of our portfolio contains all the videos that have been broadcast on television networks and used for commercial uses to either sell products or services or to promote and produce televised content and come in a range of budgetary options. These vary from restaurants and food companies to fashion stores and solicitors. 


Promotional Portfolio

This section of our portfolio primarily showcases videos that were produced for online web content or DVD distribution. We have catered for a wide range of businesses offering a promotional video as the first basic video you should offer your audience to introduce yourself and what you offer.  


Case Study: SKALP


SKALP, based in London’s Harley Street, are one of our affiliations who continuously return for strong testimonial videos to promote their scalp micro-pigmentation treatment. Here are the collection of London based videos so far.

Superb friendly customer service, highly professional team, unbeatable value. Methodworks care about and understand our brand and vision.

Alex Piris, SKALP


Education, Training and eLearning Portfolio

This section of our portfolio focuses on videos which encompass learning, training and education whether for young children or mature adults, we have produced a variety of videos including online eLearning videos. Contact us for further information. 


Case Study: LoudMouth


LoudMouth, a concept devised by the online distribution platform The StirBox, is an online youth debate show. We were tasked to produce the pilot season including marketing materials and logo.

Our videos were just what we wanted. Moreover the team at Methodworks were a real pleasure to work with, very professional and very focused on delivering just what the client wants at a very competitive price.

Karen Nyame, The StirBox


Events Portfolio

This section of our portfolio summarises those events we produced event based videos for. the key to event videos is to capture the essence of the atmosphere and to narrate the context and content of occasion for both historical documentation and for all those who were unable to attend. 


Case Study: PTTC


PTTC The Training Company required promotional videos showcasing the plethora of courses they offered mainly for the security industry.

I would totally recommend Methodworks, they worked very hard and professionally. They listened to everything that we wanted and delivered every time. They also gave lots of advice on how they could capture our event in ways that we wouldn’t of thought of. Most definitely value for money!

Mario Garcia, PTTC


Other Videos

As we have mentioned, we produce a variety of video production services and generally cater to your requirements so whatever it is you need, get in contact. This section of our portfolio includes Crowdfunding videos, magazine style interview videos, dynamic website background videos, presenter showreels and other concept style pieces. 

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