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-=:¦ …There Is Only One… Tariq Halal…

Late one night in May 2016… At 12 midnight on a cool spring night, the Methodworks team began their journey to the Southall location of the Tariq Halal stores. Following more than eight weeks of preparation and pre-production – production was officially beginning on their first commercial. We’d gone through many concepts and ideas, developed scripts […]

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-=:¦ …“ What To Wear 2016… 1

-=:¦ …“ What To Wear 2016…

What To Wear Pilot SeasonIn June 2015 we filmed a series of short clips to give a flavor of what the forthcoming TV show What To Wear would be like. This pilot of short web based clips has since gone onto air on KTN in Kenya as gradually an audience begins to build for the […]

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-=:¦ …“What To Wear Update… 2

-=:¦ …“What To Wear Update…

What To Wear breaks into television land.We were given an opportunity to produce a pilot episode for a forthcoming show, Wanja Knighton’s What To Wear through an introduction by Mr Swifty of Swifty Studios to Wanja Knighton a personal stylist and fahionista. The pilot episode was produced and submitted at the end of 2014 to the […]

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-=:¦ ..."Talk:Video – Why Video... 9

-=:¦ …”Talk:Video – Why Video…

Have you ever wondered what the big fuss is about video marketing? Arrange a free TALK:VIDEO talk for your networking group or organisation today to find out more.We at Methodworks understood that the more we immersed ourselves in the creation of visual messages and worked with a plethora of different kinds of businesses, organisations, NGO’s, […]

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-=:¦ ...Hi-Lights - Newsletter Jul-Sep 2013...

-=:¦ …Hi-Lights – Newsletter Jul-Sep 2013…

Yes that’s right!! You can either sit there and read the wonderfully designed newsletter below… or you can sit back and watch the hi-lights video!!! Please leave a comment and tell us which you did!!  FacebookTwitterLinkedinemailPrint

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-=:¦ …”Environmental Policy Effective July 31st 2013…

Over the past few months we have been working with the East London Business Place and its affiliates on various elements of polishing the infrastructure of our business, our methods and the way we practice film and video making. One of our first tasks was to research, create and action an Environment Policy which reflected […]

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-=:¦ ..."Skype Introduce Video Messaging... 3

-=:¦ …”Skype Introduce Video Messaging…

In late 2012  we posted an article entitled Why Video Will Be Even Bigger In 2013 and low and behold we are seeing evidence of this moving shift on a weekly basis. In 2013 alone, we reported on The Telegraph newspaper having its own Corporate Video Production arm and Twitters announcement of their video application […]

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-=:¦ ..."Bringing Businesses Together... NEL Business Expo 2013

-=:¦ …”Bringing Businesses Together… NEL Business Expo 2013

One day later and everyone has left the stage of the North East London Business Expo 2013 without doubt having raised the awareness of what they do and made some amazing new nodes in their networking webs. A big thank you goes out to Karen Flint and Dawn Gomes of the New Direction Partnership who […]

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-=:¦ ..."Newsletter 1/4 - Hello 2013!

-=:¦ …”Newsletter 1/4 – Hello 2013!

We return in the first quarter of 2013 with a evolving newsletter or hi-lights sheet as we like to refer to it, gradually shifting subtly to a new idea. As we begin to grow in 2013 we have intentions of either going monthly or to create a more magazine style three or four page update once […]

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-=:¦ ..."Brilliant Visions Video Day...

-=:¦ …”Brilliant Visions Video Day…

Brilliant Visions proudly presents a Video Day in collaboration with Methodworks Production.Brilliant Visions is a course led by Kathy Ennis of Your Brand Is You, which includes modules on Brand Brilliance, Visual Brilliance,  Vocal Brilliance and Verbal Brilliance.For more information or to book your place on the course please visit the Brilliant Visions homepage. The Brilliant […]

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