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Skalp portfolio

-=:¦ …”SKALP : Worlds Number 1…

A Little HistorySince late 2013, Methodworks have been growing and assisting SKALP, a cosmetics company offering affordable, non-surgical solutions to all types of hair loss, with their visual testimony’s from their satisfied clients. They began as a small business and rapidly expanded into London’s Harley Street and then across the world with practices in London, […]

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Project lifecycle

-=:¦ …”Clarifying Your Vision…

Unless you have a clearly planned vision for your video project, you are most likely wasting your time on what you believe to be a great idea in the moment. It is important to run free with the imagination, to get excited and to set off fireworks as you go along the process, however if […]

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-=:¦ ..."Talk:Video – Why Video... 9

-=:¦ …”Talk:Video – Why Video…

Have you ever wondered what the big fuss is about video marketing? Arrange a free TALK:VIDEO talk for your networking group or organisation today to find out more.We at Methodworks understood that the more we immersed ourselves in the creation of visual messages and worked with a plethora of different kinds of businesses, organisations, NGO’s, […]

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-=:¦ ..."Blog Vision...

-=:¦ …”Blog Vision…

Before we went any further with the blog, it was felt necessary to share the vision of the blog with you all. For this isn’t just a place to help bump up our SEO by creating regular and frequent content, there are several things we wished to achieve through the blog and I’d like to […]

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-=:¦ ..."Opus Magnum... The Bible Of Methodworks

-=:¦ …”Opus Magnum… The Bible Of Methodworks

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” Mahatma Gandhi  Many have asked, what is Methodworks? What is The Method you speak of? What makes you different from other production companies? What is your unique selling point… For years I’d taken time out to sit with each one […]

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-=:¦ ..."If The Method Works... [What's In A Slogan?] 2

-=:¦ …”If The Method Works… [What’s In A Slogan?]

“If The Method Works… Why Change It”This is our slogan at Methodworks Production. Many have heard of it, you may have even used it in your own terms – however few understand the deeply entrenched philosophy that it holds.It sounds like a question, it could be, but it is not. It is a statement. Maybe […]

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-=:¦ ..."In The Beginning.... 3

-=:¦ …”In The Beginning….

There is so much I want to share with you, five years of grinding, more than ten years of an idea and finally, finally we have opened shop… well virtually at least. In time we will be sharing all of our updates and our news here in the blog so please subscribe and check in […]

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