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At Methodworks, we believe we are on a common journey together whether the goal being the end product of a project, the aspirations of a career or life itself. We therefore call all of our team Travellers and the Business Team the Pathfinders. Our Travellers are trained using The Method and are passionate and enthusiastic about their particular expertise. Together we form the core Creative Family of Methodworks Production. Meet the characters by watching their videos below. 

Meet the Business Team

Andrew David
(Executive Creative Director)

The crazy leader of the cult, Andrew created Methodworks from the ground upwards, a piece of him is in every system we have. He drives the business and plays a lead role in most productions as the Producer or Director. Fun fact – Krispy Kreme donuts are his weakness. Watch his video by clicking on his picture. 

Jasdeep Bains
(Creative Director in training)

Second in command, Jasdeep has seen the development of Methodworks from the beginning and has injected his heart and soul into igniting the business to the next level. With a key role in marketing and operations he also ensures his feet always stay wet in production. Fun fact – in 2010 he ran the London Marathon. Watch his video by clicking on his picture. 

Meet the Core Crew

Jeff Owusu
(Head Camera Operator/DoP)

Our Senior Camera Operator, Jeff has almost 30 years experience in using all types of cameras and has a real attention to detail. He knows his cameras, lights and lenses better than we know ourselves. Fun fact – he plans to own a boat one day but as he’s scared of the water, he’ll have it parked in his garden. Watch his video by clicking on his picture.

Dave Herd
(Camera Op/Production Assistant)

One of the true sparks in Methodworks, Dave has an energy that is infectious on any set. An asset to our team, he is the glue between us all whether on camera or assisting the management of a production. Fun fact – has a fear of yellow Jelly Babies. Watch his video by clicking on his picture.

Niall Williams
(Camera Operator/Editor/Animator)

A true entreprenuer, Niall loves getting his hands into all areas of production. His expertise is in camera operating and in post-production keep him more than a little busy. He is also our core animator adding that extra flare to your videos. Fun fact – Niall was our first intern to go and set up his own business. Watch his video by clicking on his picture. 

Micheal Brown
(Sound Recordist/Engineer)


With a reputation of making noise, Micheal is our resident Sound Recordist and Engineer. Present since the inception of Methodworks, he has grown with us and is comfortably part of the furniture, if the furniture was a sound system. Fun fact – he has been to Disneyland Florida. Watch his video by clicking on his picture. 

Joshua Rock

Another of our long standing Travellers, Joshua has completed more than 400 edits from short films to music videos and commercials. With a passion of dark rooms and computers he is the quietest of the bunch. Fun fact – he believes he was the creator of the Method. Joshua unfortunately missed our video day. 

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