Glossary of Terms

Welcome to the glossary. All the great visionaries who ever lived always went against the grain to create their dreams. Many used their own terms and language to express their methods, their ideas, their values. Throughout the Method, The Bible of Methodworks Production, words were created which permeated everything we now do. The following provides a clearer explanation of certain key terms.

The glossary is arranged in alphabetical order. If you come across any terms which require explanation and adding to the glossary, please get in touch:


Added Value
Anything that increases the value of a service or material or experience provided is considered added value.
The financial and legal aspect of a project and the project at any stage of its progress.
Any individual, group or collection of people who are viewing and spectating our films, productions and materials.
The term given to marketing and raising people’s consciousness of our existence, our name, our services, and our philosophies. It extends to define the raising of one’s own consciousness of their own existence, who they are, where they came from, where they are going and why.
Bond (the)
A term used to describe the lifelong connection between people.
Creative Family
Term used to collectively announce the creative and skilled people who as a unit are responsible for the creation of the product.
Alternative term used to name Methodworks Production Ltd, seeking the services provided by the Traveller, or the term given to the client with whom Methodworks Production Ltd is providing the service for.
Anyone who is in focus within the film is deemed a contributor.
A smaller set of tasks within the entire Project Life Cycle, existing within a stage or phase.
The term given to the final end product which is submitted to the Collaborator.
How a finished film or end product(s) are shown to audiences, the method and strategies behind reaching audiences.
A term coined by Andrew David in 2009 to express a commercial used electronically or virally.
End Product
The term given to the purpose of a project or production, typically the investment the Collaborator has sought our services for.
See ‘Pure Creative Energy’.
The transfer of energy through a projects lifecycle, the journey Travellers  and Collaborators are given through the process of filmmaking and the energy transferred to the audience through viewing our films.  This extends into reality of the positive nature of all events adding to the growth of an individual.
See ‘Creative Family’.
A term used to refer to a particular task or part of a cycle within a landscape that requires travelling through before reaching the next.
A term given to the recording of sound effects to produce a soundscape.
Golden Age
The belief that positive changes in this world are possible that contributes to a bigger picture of making the everywhere a better place.
Short for identification or identifier, an ident is a short promotional film or animation for Methodworks Production identifying the main feature to us.
Journey Description
A document outlining the roles and responsibilities and expectations of a Traveller who has engaged with Methodworks Production Ltd for a given project.
The term given to an industry which a journey may be taken through in the creation of a film.
Life Cycle
Time taken, broken down into various stages, for the completion of part or all of a project.
Term given to the rushes or raw footage recorded throughout the project and inclusive of documents, images and any other materials produced by the Traveller and its representatives throughout the projects life cycle.
Method (the)
The way of doing or being which results in the most efficient, beneficial, positive and prosperous result for all.
The act or process of part if a cycle within the project lifecycle of a films production.
Party or parties is the collective term used to describe and announce the Traveller and Collaborator respectively (‘party’) and then together (‘parties’) and their representatives.
Term given to the reviewing of the edited material in a draft or rough form prior to final delivery whereby the Collaborator may request changes or edits to the material before delivery. A pass is considered a single review, whereby more than one pass will be referred to as ‘passes’ and accompanied by the value of such.
A senior Traveller whom has responsibility for leading the way, also known as the Board of Directors.
Process of Life
The cycle of a films creation from engagement with the collaborator through to distribution to the audience.
Individual responsible for the production of the Collaborators project.
The final delivered video/film/viral to which also referred to as the end product.
The physical creation of the project, the point at which filming is taking place.
Term used for the short reference to the title of entire production from engagement to delivery.
Project Life Cycle
Every stage and phase within a films production from beginning to end at which stage a new production may begin (hence cycle).
Alternative term used to name Methodworks Production Ltd. when discussing the provision of service.
Pure Creative Energy
A belief of an energy that exists within all things expressed through creation and illustrated through the blue glow.
The gross balance and details for services and resources provided through engagement with the Provider and its representatives of all foreseen costs during the production of the product (produced as a document entitled the Quote).
Rate Card
A document, available in template form, which gives the various costs of a given product, service or resource.
Any individual who is involved in the project that has been brought onto the project for a specialist skill or purpose in the creation of the product from either party, whether part of the established party or are introduced as freelancers.
Any task carried out or provided by the Traveller and/or their representatives on behalf of the project and the product.
Service Level Agreement
A binding document between the Collaborator(s) and Provider(s) which state the agreements with regards to procedure for the project engaged in relation to the Terms and Conditions within this document and the Quote.
A soundscape is the visual description of how sound is layered together with vocals, foley and music to create a stimulating landscape which compliments and enhances the visuals.
Style Guide
A document which informs the branding of Methodworks or a subcomponent of the Projects Lifecycle (i.e. Methodworks Treatment has its own Style Guide).
The Method
The Bible of vision, operations, structure and execution for Methodworks Production Ltd.
A Traveller is a person who is brought onto a project whom is on a journey in the same or similar direction as the rest of the creative family both in terms of project outcome and their own personal lifecycle.
The process of moving through a project and production.
Travellers Profile
A document containing all relevant information with regards to the Travellers personal details, abilities, resources and rates.
Travellers Service Level Agreement
A binding document which states the agreements with regards to servives for the project engaged in relation to the Travellers Terms and Conditions within this document and the Journey Description, abbreviated as TSLA.
See ‘Added Value’.
Term used to describe the idea for the product as originally seen in the mind of the Collaborator which must be extracted onto paper and shared with all parties to ensure the vision can be created and where possible improved upon.
Way of life
The entire philosophy behind Methodworks Production.
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