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-=:¦ …“ What To Wear 2016… 1

-=:¦ …“ What To Wear 2016…

What To Wear Pilot SeasonIn June 2015 we filmed a series of short clips to give a flavor of what the forthcoming TV show What To Wear would be like. This pilot of short web based clips has since gone onto air on KTN in Kenya as gradually an audience begins to build for the […]

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RE Hospitality

-=:¦ …”Great Hospitality…

Great Hospitality RE_Hospitality are one of London’s most prestigious hospitality providers providing trained staff for events across London. Established in 2000 they have worked with a plethora of high profile clients in some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Methdoworks Production were called upon to assist RE_Hospitality merge into the world of video communications seeking a […]

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-=:¦ ..."Toy Wars 2015... 2

-=:¦ …”Toy Wars 2015…

We’re back with the Toy Awards. In early 2014 we got the call from Milks Gone Bad Productions to send one of our freelance camera operators to film for ToyTestersTV at the London Toy Fair in Olympia. Almost two years later following a raft of review videos and two toy tours we reached the second […]

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Skalp portfolio

-=:¦ …”SKALP : Worlds Number 1…

A Little HistorySince late 2013, Methodworks have been growing and assisting SKALP, a cosmetics company offering affordable, non-surgical solutions to all types of hair loss, with their visual testimony’s from their satisfied clients. They began as a small business and rapidly expanded into London’s Harley Street and then across the world with practices in London, […]

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-=:¦ ..."Summer All Year Round... Vivi K Perfumes 3

-=:¦ …”Summer All Year Round… Vivi K Perfumes

Early in 2015 we shot a crowdfunding video for Vivi K Perfumes Ltd., the brainchild of Ankit and Vivian who wanted to capture the summer all year round feeling within a collection of unique fragrances.The essence of any crowdfunding video is to capture the essence of the cause quickly whilst injecting the personality and character […]

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