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-=:¦ …”Youth Debate Gets A LoudMouth…

We turn visions into reality; and when approached by Karen Nyame of The Stir Box  to turn her youth debate show idea into a tangible production we were thoroughly game. LoudMouth was to be a platform where young people could discuss content and issues that really mattered. The project began with developing the branding for the […]

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-=:¦ ..."Talk:Video – Why Video... 9

-=:¦ …”Talk:Video – Why Video…

Have you ever wondered what the big fuss is about video marketing? Arrange a free TALK:VIDEO talk for your networking group or organisation today to find out more.We at Methodworks understood that the more we immersed ourselves in the creation of visual messages and worked with a plethora of different kinds of businesses, organisations, NGO’s, […]

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-=:¦ ..."Top 5 Reasons Why Your Audience Prefer Video...

-=:¦ …”Top 5 Reasons Why Your Audience Prefer Video…

You didn’t know that your target audience prefer video? Read on to find out why they do…Having had more than seven years in this marketing sector, with the experience we’ve built up, here are our top five reasons why your audience prefer video;1. Unparalleled Richness of VideoA video can be comprised of still images, moving […]

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-=:¦ ..."A Delicious Journey With Haji Baba... 2

-=:¦ …”A Delicious Journey With Haji Baba…

Our latest commercial was shot for Haji Baba Halal Foods through our partners Alliance Advertising and Marketing. Our concept was simple, to showcase the halal meats in all of their natural glory. Following an initial brainstorming session whereby we wanted to mimic the M&S adverts and focus purely on the products, we came up with the […]

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