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StirBox logoWe turn visions into reality; and when approached by Karen Nyame of The Stir Box  to turn her youth debate show idea into a tangible production we were thoroughly game. LoudMouth was to be a platform where young people could discuss content and issues that really mattered.


LoudMouth logoThe project began with developing the branding for the show to which Methodworks produced the official logo for LoudMouth which is now used throughout the show and on all branding materials. This was just the first stage of creating an identity that would become recognisable to our prospective audience.

Our next stage was to pitch and win some funding which we successfully did through an O2 initiative called ThinkBig. This lead us to the pilot episode produced on a shoestring budget where we filmed at the Dairy Studios in Brixton bringing together the likes of Mim Shake, Kiri Phoenix, Jay London, Janelle Fraser and Jermaine Johnson to discuss the topic of colour complex in the entertainment industry. 


With our initial development budget spent and a product in hand, we went back to O2 and this time applied for O2 Think Bigger to produce a budget big enough to span a shorts season of LoudMouth, four episodes in total. Once again we were successful in our pitch and began our journey supported by The Hub Kings Cross. This time we had more experience of the whole approach to producing a debate show so we reduced the panel size to have a more focused debate and began the season discussing Sex and Social Media.

PiccyAt this stage our vision began developing and many changes were required in order to reach that level. We had already included an outside broadcast element of the show, to break it up a little and to include members of the public within the debate, as well as opening up to Twitter to cause debate which were included within the show. We now needed a restructuring in the team and a venue that would suffice our long terms needs.

LoudMouth S1 Ep4 TeamEnter the new team, presenters and location. We were now filming our final three episodes at The Premises studio in Hackney, we had new presenters for each episode (including our outside broadcasters as well) to keep things fresh and we had a stronger more efficient production team in place including a Research and Assistant Producer. Now we were flying and we went forth to produce episode 2 The Church of Scientology, episode 3 The Power of Choice and episode 4 Rise of the Metrosexual Man.

LoudMouth S1 E4 PSA2 June 2015

Having successfully completed the entire season The Stir Box had their first body of work completed prior to the launch of their own website.


The final episode is currently being marketed prior to an more vigorous press campaign and then seeking funding and sponsorship for season two where we have bigger ideas including a studio audience, live streaming and the LoudMouth studio phone.  


The project has been a real interesting one for all involved and we literally became a family creating and producing the season.

“I have been working on the “LoudMouth” series with Methodworks Production since 2013. Methodworks is exceptional in bringing small ideas to fruition on a mass scale. The organisation, details, planning in post and pre-production have been tight, efficiently beneficial to our growing brand. If you want a production company that is phenomenally skilled in all areas of videography, can develop your vision effectively and demonstrate professionalism on a consistent basis – then the Methodworks team are the people for it!”

Karen Nyame

All of the videos we produced for The Stir Box can be found within our portfolio we really hope you enjoy them.

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