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What To Wear breaks into television land.Wanja_WTW-1

We were given an opportunity to produce a pilot episode for a forthcoming show, Wanja Knighton’s What To Wear through an introduction by Mr Swifty of Swifty Studios to Wanja Knighton a personal stylist and fahionista. The pilot episode was produced and submitted at the end of 2014 to the KTN network in Kenya, Africa with a positive response. Kenya are a growing country who have recently gone through the digital migration offering greater quality and more diversity in their programming.

This year we produced a mini-series of clips for the What To Wear brand as part of an audience building exercise. What To Wear follows Wanja Knighton as she styles her female models to a particular situation or occasion with style, elegance and a realistic budget. She exclaims “looking good shouldn’t break the bank”.


Kat2All the music was produced by superstar Producer Katriona Music  this was her first commercial television project. Contact her on Twitter https://twitter.com/katrionamusic.

The mini-series of twenty 2 minute clips covers such styles as What To Wear in the bedroom, when you’ve been dumped and as a new mum. Episodes have begun to broadcast on KTN and on-demand services. To see the latest clips please see the Standard Media Lifestyle page;


Presenter Wanja also recently completed some publicity for the mini-series for UP Nairobi under the title Stylist Profile-Wanja Knighton;


Here is a sneak peak of the first episode;

What To Wear Season 1

What To Wear the mini-series will complete its broadcast at the end of this year at which point we are thorough looking forward to venturing to Kenya to film the first season of a minimum of 13 episodes each lasting for approximately 21 minutes covering the latest fashion trends and style guides.

Follow Wanja’s progress and her adventures on Twitter;


What To Wear Social advert 2

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We look forward to promoting and communicating your messages and story as we have for Wanja Knighton.


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