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In June 2015 we filmed a series of short clips to give a flavor of what the forthcoming TV show What To Wear would be like. This pilot of short web based clips has since gone onto air on KTN in Kenya as gradually an audience begins to build for the new fashion vloggers ballsy approach to fashion while keeping cost at a minimum. Wanja Knighton, a personal stylist based in Oxford, England, is the presenter of What To Wear which begins a new approach in Kenya to style, fashion and media production.

A wonderful journey has comprised of many contributions along the way including Mr Swifty of Swifty Studios who produced the logo, The New Blue Studio  who has shot many of the promotional images and of course Katriona Music who produced all of the exclusive music for this project.

The mini-series of twenty 2 minute clips covers such styles as What To Wear in the bedroom, when you’ve been dumped and as a new mum and finally after all of the anticipation we can finally share with you the complete pilot run, please head to the description box to jump to specific episodes.

What To Wear the mini-series will complete its broadcast at the end of this year at which point we are thorough looking forward to venturing to Kenya to film the first season of a minimum of 13 episodes each lasting for approximately 21 minutes covering the latest fashion trends and style guides.

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Season 1 – Episode List

00:09 Episode 1 – Plaid
01:38 Episode 2 – Smart Casual
03:32 Episode 3 – Borrowing from the Boys
05:24 Episode 4 – Biker Chic
07:24 Episode 5 – Bedroom Elegance
09:13 Episode 6 – 7’s
11:18 Episode 7 – Here come the Girls
13:22 Episode 8 – Dumped
15:23 Episode 9 – Clubbing
17:23 Episode 10 – Wedding Guest
19:23 Episode 11 – Animal Print
21:23 Episode 12 – Date Night
23:23 Episode 13 – New Mum
25:16 Episode 14 – Good Mourning
26:59 Episode 15 – Presentation Girl
28:55 Episode 16 – White Shirt
30:54 Episode 17 – Dreamliner
32:51 Episode 18 – Poolside Glamour
34:47 Episode 19 – Coasto

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