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Spine Plus Clinics are an orthopaedic, spinal and musculoskeletal therapy clinic based in Chigwell. They approached us to assist them with better informing their patients and prospective patients. Information is power, knowledge is wealth and often these are both gathered through asking the correct questions. Gathering information to make informed decisions for your own life, especially when it comes to your health, is essential. This is why FAQ’s or frequently asked questions are often the main staple of any website.


The Videos

Spine Plus Clinics were seeking a series of videos, whereby they could explain the cause of many common symptoms and also offer possible solutions and treatments for them. These videos not only provide the audience with an overview of information, but also offer confidence in the practitioner prior to any engagements. Having a video, instead of reading or looking at static images, assists the patient in having a pre-experience of what they may go through in seeking to improve their conditions. The videos also aim to increase the volume of business at the Spine Plus Clinics .


Each video is opened by a main title for the condition to be discussed, followed by a number of frequently asked questions. The video opens with an introduction by Senior Lead practitioner and founder of Spine Plus Clinics , Robert Shanks, who answers a set of frequently asked questions pertaining to a particular condition such as back pain, offering a suitable treatment by the end of the video. These are complemented by illustrations, whether of the part of the body in question or the treatment and exercises suggested.


Contact Spine Plus Clinics today, if you have a persistent pain or injury that needs attention. 



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We look forward to promoting and communicating your messages and story as we have for Spine Plus Clinics.


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