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We’re back with the Toy Awards. In early 2014 we got the call from Milks Gone Bad Productions to send one of our freelance camera operators to film for ToyTestersTV at the London Toy Fair in Olympia. Almost two years later following a raft of review videos and two toy tours we reached the second annual ToyTestersTV Toy Awards and this time we were sought not only to film but also Direct and Edit the award videos.


What makes ToyTestersTV rather unique is their focus on children and young adults playing such a big role in the testing and presenting of new toys within their videos. Along with their entourage of young ToyTesters they are affiliated to arguably the most well known toy store in the world, Hamleys. Sounds exciting right? Maybe you know someone who would like to be a ToyTester?

The following videos were all produced and cut for the ToyTestersTV Toy Awards 2015 which were held at the Sky Superscreen at Cineworld in the London’s O2 on Monday 26th October 2015. Without any further delay, allow us to introduce you to some of 2015’s toytesters;

Meet The ToyTesters

We filmed over a period of five weekends capturing all the materials for these videos. Nigel Clarke was not only the host of the awards but also the presenter in all of the videos you are about to see and led the Head ToyTesters through their epic battle to protect the winning toys of 2015, as voted by the toy testers, against the Toy Emperor. Oh… about that… this being the second annual awards ceremony and the year of the new Star Wars release The Force Awakens, an introductory video was conceived by the CEO of ToyTestersTV entitled Toy Wars, you have to see it;

Images Watch the Epic “Toy Wars” below

Awards ad



The following videos are the award category videos and also an introduction to the Head ToyTesters. This is how it works; the toy companies submit their best new toys in the relevant categories and then large groups of ToyTesters test the toys. They then all vote for their favourite and the two toys with the most votes goes onto the Head ToyTesters who then have the decisions to choose which one should win. However, in a Worlds first at the ToyTestersTV Toy Awards Awards we had one category that was a draw and had to be decided live by the attending audience.



Meet The Head ToyTesters and Best Toy Inspired By TV or Film;

Most Awesome Gaming Toy;

Most Fun Toy of the Year;

Coolest Toy of the Year;

Best Pocket Money Spend;

Best Invention;

Best Interactive;

Best Toy Under £100;

Award Winning Toys of 2015;

Top Toys of 2015 including winners speech;

Congratulations to 2015s winners!


If you think you’d be a good Toy Tester, or to be sure you don’t miss the 2016 tours and awards and that you keep updated with all of the latest exclusives and toy reviews please subscribe to OfficialToyTestersTV;

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I cannot begin to tell you the amount of fun we had making these videos.


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We look forward to promoting and communicating your messages and story as we have for ToyTestersTV and Milks Gone Bad Productions.

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