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Have you ever wondered what the big fuss is about video marketing? Arrange a free TALK:VIDEO talk for your networking group or organisation today to find out more.

We at Methodworks understood that the more we immersed ourselves in the creation of visual messages and worked with a plethora of different kinds of businesses, organisations, NGO’s, charities, start-ups and entrepreneurs, we quickly realise that the key to a great video is sharing the knowledge of visual communications.

Take a quick look at this video to get you started on some video facts in 2014 by an American Video Production company…

So we came up with TALK:VIDEO.

Talk Video Methodworks Production

Talk Video is a series of presentations which are designed for small and medium enterprises who are either considering video marketing for the first time or who are seeking ways to improve what they have done so far. The complimentary talks aim to broaden the understanding of the considerations, approach and benefits of video marketing and encourage the audience to become conscious of the decisions made during the process.

There are six talks in all, WHY:VIDEO, HOW:VIDEO, WHO:VIDEO, WHAT:VIDEO, WHERE:VIDEO and WHEN:VIDEO each focusing on developing a strong foundation for the approach and execution to not only video marketing but also video communication.

Our introductory talk, we advise all new to video markers choose, is WHY:VIDEO.

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This is an hour session which poses the question why choose video as part of your marketing tools. The talk approaches the audience who are yet to consider video marketing  to broaden the knowledge of those who have engaged with video marketing but are yet to see the full effect of their investments. It covers the growth of video and visual marketing, and briefly overviews the other talks available to provide confidence that video is not a daunting new weapon that is only accessible to some. Our aim is to get everyone started in video marketing no matter how small or simple that may be. 

Talk Video (1)Talk Video (2)Talk Video (3)

466602_247803851999512_2016410942_oThe remaining talks begin to get a little more advanced covering how to produce a video from concept to distribution whether by yourself or when choosing a company to
work with, who should your video be targeted at and who will appear in your video, what kind of video is the best for you and your organisation to benefit the message you wish to share, where should you shoot your videos and also where should you distribute them and finally when is the right time to produce and launch a video which is a focus on strategy. 

TALK:VIDEO is a great way to get the mind stimulated, the groups networking and the teams together in preparation for your next moves. So why not book a talk at your establishment today, did we mention, it’s free?

Speaker Andrew David has been producing film and video for more than 10 years. He has a Batchelor of Arts in Video Production and a Masters in Real Tim Media Broadcasting. He is the founder of The METHOD, a technique employed at the independent film production company Methodworks Production based in London.


If you’re interested in booking a talk please email hello@methodworksproduction.com with TALK:VIDEO in your subject line. Our talks are available in London only currently and are for a minimum audience of 10 people.


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