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TALK:VIDEO is far from a revolutionary concept, but nonetheless tackles the heart of an approach to video marketing for small and medium businesses, enterprises and organisations by directly engaging and stimulating the thought processes of how to use this tool as a successful and effective method. It’s not only important to have what you believe is a great idea and a budget to realise your concepts and visions into production, but to know and be confident that your ideas are realistic, clear, feasible, tangible and will satisfy your expectations.

  There is a saying  “…giving is receiving…” and so we at Methodworks believe in offering experienced advice with regards to video marketing to assist the growth and potential of local small and medium enterprises, businesses and organisations in East London. Talking is nothing new, neither is the content of many talks, however at the leading edge we are now discussing potential ideas, sharing great successes and moving forward together. TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Talks are a great example of this method in action and we’d like to share with you Kevin Allocca’s brief talk on “Why Videos Go Viral” he is the Trends Manager at YouTube. TED link; http://www.ted.com/talks/kevin_allocca_why_videos_go_viral.html   TALK:VIDEO follow the format of an interactive presentation bordering a seminar style which not only presents facts, but also a lot of experienced opinion to stimulate the audience. These talks/presentations are being delivered for free because we understand and see the value in engaging with our potential markets, giving them confidence in not only what we know and do, but also in their own ideas and methods. We seek the audiences of networks as we not only get to share vital considerations and information with many, there is also a great wealth of opportunity for individuals to share ideas, concepts and stories of their own successes. Below is a menu of the four current complimentary talks available. Each has been given a very simple unique title to answer the most basic of questions when moving into video marketing.

Talks will be available from 1st December 2012 and will run through until February 28th 2012. It is advised you consult with your network before choosing a presentation so that you may all get the most out of it. We are willing to deliver more than one talk in the series however these would have to be separate bookings. To book your complementary talk today, please contact awareness@methodworksproduction.com, terms and conditions apply.


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    […] These complimentary presentations are being rolled out across East London to business networks and business centers  If you would like to attend one please seek your local business network. If you would like to arrange a talk for a private group of business individuals considering video marketing in 2013 please contact awareness@methodworksproduction.com for more information (also see our previous blog post TALK:VIDEO – Understanding Video Marketing) […]

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