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Early in 2015 we shot a crowdfunding video for Vivi K Perfumes Ltd., the brainchild of Ankit and Vivian who wanted to capture the summer all year round feeling within a collection of unique fragrances.


The essence of any crowdfunding video is to capture the essence of the cause quickly whilst injecting the personality and character of its founders. Simplicity is often the key;

The crowd funding campaign gives you a chance to pre-order Vivi K Perfumes perfect for gifting in time for the Christmas Holidays or gain from other perks whilst supporting the ethical British based company build their product. They’ve create uniquely handcrafted summer fruit perfumes made with love.


Support the campaign by donating and sharing with your own networks;


Check out their full product range and story on their website;


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We look forward to promoting and communicating your messages and story as we have for Vivi K Perfumes.


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