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A Little History

Since late 2013, Methodworks have been growing and assisting SKALP, a cosmetics company offering affordable, non-surgical solutions to all types of hair loss, with their visual testimony’s from their satisfied clients. They began as a small business and rapidly expanded into London’s Harley Street and then across the world with practices in London, Manchester, Scotland, New York, Brazil, Italy and Poland.

Testimonial Videos

People buy from people. We listen to recommendations and take on board other peoples experiences before making decisions ourself and few things are more critical than our image and the perception we give of ourselves to the world around us. A testimonial video is a great way of promoting and advertising such a service as SKALP offer as it consists of a person’s personal story, an example being Roys story;



SKALP offer micro-pigmentation which is a form of medical hairline tattoo which produces the appearance of a clean shaven head. The results and clients speak for themselves as Lloyd explains;

If you’re interested in SKALPs services, are seeking further information or would like to book a free no obligation consultation visit their website today http://www.skalp.com/en/.

Partners and Affiliates

SKALP are one of our affiliates, an organisation we have close ties with who have supported our growth, invested in our services and endorse us. We have grown together and continue doing so. The benefits of becoming a partner or affiliate with Methodworks includes preferential rates, added value, bespoke booking and wider distribution.

All of their videos can be viewed as a case study within our Coporate and Commercial portfolio page – click here.

SKALP portfolio

If your organisation requires a regular flow of videos throughout the year and you are interested in becoming a partner or affiliate why not get in touch today hello@methodworksproduction.com .


If you are seeking video production for your website or organisation, please get in touch with us at Methodworks;

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We look forward to promoting and communicating your messages and story as we have for SKALP.

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