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Untitled-3This is why video works. TotStars was launched back in 2009, when Coach Thuli (Tilly) made it his mission to provide young children a safe, fun and exciting way to engage in sport. Aimed at children between the age of 18 months and 7 years, the dream was to encourage a healthy lifestyle and instil a passion for sport from a very young age. They all believe that a healthy and physically active environment helps children build on so many of their life skills. Engaging in team sports builds self-esteem and teaches children about emotional self-control. They will make strong friendships and learn about winning and losing.


TotStars UK returned for another video from Methodworks in the late summer of 2015 based upon the success of their first video which was a testimonial video capturing the glowing feedback from parents and carers back in 2013;


TotStars Return

This time around they were seeking a promotional video for their awesome academy based in Croydon. Our task was to showcase all it had to offer as well as promoting the services and offers TotStars UK have, whilst working safely around the children and working within budget and schedule considerations. This is what we came up with…

DVD Disc TotStarsFollowing the videos production we also produced and authored the DVD for the videos distribution. This included matching the TotStars branding throughout, and creating a fun yet simple menu for both of the videos above to be accessed through. The DVD not only acted as a promotional tool but also as a keepsake for parents.

If you’re based in London and seeking a group for your tot to join, why not contact Thuli and the gang to see what they can do for you http://www.totstarsuk.com/#!home/mainPage.

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We look forward to promoting and telling your story as we have for TotStars UK.

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