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A serendipitous meeting…

It all started at a wedding reception. I was graciously attending the wedding reception of one of my friends from College. I was informed I would be looked after, as it was a great big family wedding. I had yet to meet anyone of his family, so I would be the odd one out for sure, and my friend would have little time to keep me company. I was lucky enough to meet my chaperone almost as soon as I had arrived without even realising it (although in all honesty, I think I would have been left to fend for myself anyway). Sitting at the table with my friends two uncles (who were oddly around the same age as my friend), we got talking and I discovered they ran a website agency here in London called AdreamCreation.

Almost a year passes by…

We obviously, all stay in contact and the idea of a video was mentioned. Roll on just about a year, the two brothers of AdreamCreation get in touch, it was time! Their idea was straight forward and clear, even offering video examples of what they had in mind as well. They were looking for a television commercial for their new sister company, Ordering Direct, and knew exactly where to come for their production.

Following a meeting and some script development, we then went straight into pre-production, arranging the location and hiring in the talented Sam Stevenson. Sam will be well known for such work as his UK onthebeach.co.uk poster campaign and television adverts seen nationally.

The concept…

The commercial establishes the owner of a restaurant, either at the end of a busy day or at the beginning of a service before the customers arrive. Seated at one of his dining tables with a laptop out, he greets the audience (prospective customers, restaurant owners themselves who may benefit from this service). Ordering Direct is similar to the UberEats or JustEat and Hungry House phase that has swept the nation. The main difference being, they don’t take a commission of every order that comes through like the competition. Not only are they offering this great service, they also design and build you a website and throw in a free order printer to get you started. All you have to do is let your customers know about the quick and easy service!

Sam plays a character who is slightly cocky about his own finding, knowing that he himself is making a great saving whilst growing his own business and now wants other restaurant and take-away owners to follow suit.

If you are a restaurant or takeaway owner and are interested in Ordering Directs service, please visit their website or call 0800 112 3368 today for further information.

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