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Joel Calvin EPK 2012

  East London born artist, Joel Calvin, has been building his career for more than three years from the humble settings of his bedroom to local studios and set ups. Like many of our youth today, he had a dream and took direct action into turning that dream into his reality.
“There is a fine line between dreams and reality, it’s up to you to draw it.”  B. Quilliam
Three years later he has independently produced three mixed tapes [including The Idiosyncratic, The Seed of Greatness and Neon Eclipse], two music videos [including ‘Clear’] and many other articles of promotional material with his aim to raise his profile and show his commitment and loyalty to his fans. His latest mixed taped “Neon Eclipse” has included the work of producers Loop King, Chris Cook and Mike Brown and was released with his music video for “Rise’N’Shine” in late 2012 which featured the O_G’s (Original Geeks) a hybrid collection of the next generations creative entrepreneurs including Jordan “Jay The Monk” Richard-Holmes who produced and designed the original artwork for the Neon Eclipse album cover;

Neon Eclipse Cover

  His E.P.K., produced by Methodworks Production, marks a milestone in Joel’s career as he now embarks on changing up the game, taking a step up into the higher realms of public knowledge and awareness with his inspiring, motivating, fun-filled and sometimes deeply philosophical messages and approach to his writing. Briefly covering the past three years of development, his progression and growth is clearly expressed in the short video while engaging with his personality and desires moving into 2013 and beyond. With a great deal of work ahead of him, Joel Calvin is already working on his fourth mixed tape, arguably his first official album, as he continues raising his profile. 2013 promises to be an explosive year of shows, appearances and fresh material which will hopefully lead to the signing of a deal which allows the continuous flow of his unique individuality and creativity. We present to you, Joel Calvin; Supporting UK talent – If The Method Works, Why Change It. Twitter  https://twitter.com/JoelCalvin MySpace  http://uk.myspace.com/joelcalvinartist Blogspot – The Aviation Express  http://theaviationexpress.blogspot.co.uk/
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