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Great Hospitality

RE_Hospitality are one of London’s most prestigious hospitality providers providing trained staff for events across London. Established in 2000 they have worked with a plethora of high profile clients in some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Methdoworks Production were called upon to assist RE_Hospitality merge into the world of video communications seeking a general show reel based upon a forthcoming event they had at One Marylebone, and a dynamic website background looping video for their new website which was under construction as we went to print this blog.

RE_Hospitality Blog

The Premise

Following several development meetings we produced a plan to cover the event using minimal crew members to be as unobtrusive and discrete as possible as we were attending a real clients event who had provided us with permission to capture the essence of what RE_Hospitality provide. We used strategically placed GoPro Hero 3+ Black Editions to capture some beautiful time lapse shots. We also provided photography on the night as well to capture images for the agencies new website; 

RE Hospitality

Staffing and an event yourself can be time consuming, costly and frustrating. That’s way many of RE_Hospitalitys clients would rather they do the work for them. Their fully managed service enables their clients to outsource the staff planning, recruitment, HR, training and payroll functions to RE_Hospitality, allowing their clients to focus on what they do best, growing their businesses.

Whether it be a one off event or an ongoing requirement, RE_Hospitality have the expertise to give their clients the level of support they can depend and along with the peace of mind that that comes with knowing that all of their clients processes are fully compliant to government legislation.

Hospitality staff are the backbone of any event bringing character and life to the floor. They meet and greet guests, take care of the cloakroom, serve drinks and canapés, cater for all the dining requirements and generally make the guests feel special. RE_Hospitality ensure their hospitality staff are friendly, polite, professional and immaculately presented.

Dynamic Website Video

The dynamic website video is something a lot of companies are now using, full video within their website designs. These simple yet effective videos add something special to the user experience when viewing a website. The following is the video loop we created a long with a mock-up of how it may look within the context of a website;

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